With Simplicity
Create your own token in 30 seconds
Sell tokens directly on your website. Exchange
Generate codes for airdrops and bounties
No upfront cost. Fee 2.2%

Create a new token on Tokentrade in under 60 seconds. One-click deployment to Ethereum (as ERC-20). Or register existing ERC-20 or Stellar tokens.

Sell tokens on your website. Create airdrop/bounty campaigns and enable users to claim them directly on your website. Include your token on Tokentrade exchange.


Tokentrade operates on your website as a plugin. We add value to your business without the need for your users to leave the website.

The plugin is easy to use and configure. Integration is a matter of simple copy and paste. Our plugin gives your users multiple options and flexibility in purchasing your tokens, claiming airdrop/bounty or exchanging your token. Works with any website including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and similar.


Depositing, trading, and withdrawing is dead simple. Tokentrade's main goal is to make tokens accessible to mainstream users.

All tokens and coins have wallet support. Users can deposit, withdraw or trade tokens with a click of a button.


Tokenization opens doors for inernetization of finance and investment. Currently, only a small fraction of people globally can participate as investors. While not necessarily a bad thing, regulation with its current overhead denies access to most new entrants. This in turns prevents the innovation.

Tokenization resets the playground to the new standards such as the Internet, online communities and decentralization.
Supported payment coins

and 237 more...

Through conversion (ShapeShift)
Customer flow
Customer lands to your token sale page
Customer clicks 'Buy tokens' button
Tokentrade calculates amounts based on current exchange rates
Customer signs in
Payment confirmed
Atomic swap between your and customer's wallet
Transaction completed